A coyote with morning snack at Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge near Mound City, Mo. (photo by DAN PEAK)

Jul 18, 2021

danpeak.com, how it works

The goal for danpeak.com is to publish once to my flickr account and use the flickr API to grab the flickr content and build danpeak.com. For the most part, that happens but not without several moving pieces.

First, lets get some of the technical details behind us. I use Dancer2, a PERL web application framework and websites are hosted on AWS.

There is a main scheduler program, PhotoPusher, that handles scheduling, uploading, adding groups and keywords and adding albums and photos to albums. There are four other PERL program that run nightly to grab the flickr data and stuff it into sqlite3 databases.

The publishing process begins with PhotoPusher, where photos are scheduled to be uploaded to flickr and attributes added to the photos. Keywords are added using a third party API that uses AI to analysis the photo to create a list of keywords.

A PERL program runs nightly to check if there are new photos add to the albums and if new album needs to be created. The danpeak.com homepage is populated by the flickr 'My Favorites' album.

danpeak.com is pretty simple once the data is captured from flickr. The css is a mess and if I am honest needs to be redone (any volunteers?). An admin section allows me to curate the photosets, slideshows and write the travel log.

All in all, for my purposes, the flickr/danpeak.com publishing process work as envisioned and have simplified the workflow. Now I just need to quit fiddling with the code and go shot photos.